The Z-Wave.Me Key Fob is a Z-Wave device that can both control other Z-Wave devices and activate predefined scenes in an IP gateway. Although it is controlling other devices the KFOB can’t act as Z-Wave network controller (primary or secondary) and will always need a Z-Wave network controller to be included into a Z-Wave network. The KFOB can be used in five different modes that are picked by configuration commands:

1.Direct Control of associated Devices with single Buttons association group 1 is controlled by button 1, group 2 by button 2 etc., Single Click = On, Double Click = Off, Hold = Dim up, Click and Hold = Dim down

2.Direct Control of associated Devices with two Buttons, association group 1 is controlled by the two buttons #1 and #3, association group 2 is controlled by the two buttons #2 and #4. Click of the larger button = On, Click of the smaller button = off, hold the larger buttons = Dim up, Hold the smaller button = Dim down

3.Scene Activation in IP Gateway Clicking a button activates a corresponding scene in a IP gateway if the IP gateway is configured accordingly.

4.Direct Activation of preconfigured Scenes Associated devices in an association are controlled by individual commands defines by Z-Wave command class. This function enhances mode 1.

5.Direct Control of Devices in proximity pushing button 1 or 2 turns on a device in short distance (50…100 cm) from the fob, button 3 or 4 turns of a device in proximity.