The DUWI Remote Control controls Z-Wave actuators such as dimmers, switches, thermostats or motor controls for blinds or jalousies. Devices can be turned on and off but dimmers and motor controls can also be turned into a desired dimming level to motor position by keeping a button pushed and releasing it. Additionally the device can act as a primary controller of a Z-Wave network using three dedicated network control buttons located behind a sliding cover. 10 pair of buttons – illuminated by blue light when operated – allow to control up to 7 control groups (association groups) and 3 scenes. The scenes learn the desired status of selected actuators and can turn them back into this status just hitting a button. The devices in the 7 control groups a re always switched simultaneously. The remote control can operate as a secondary control beside an IP-Gateway however it is not possible from this device to activate scenes defined in the IP- Gateway. All scenes and control groups are stored within the remote control and they are also conveniently programmed using the buttons of the remote rather than using wireless commands from an IP-Gateway.