Controls USB ports are among the most powerful on the market providing rapid recharging of the electronic devices like smartphones, iPad, tablets,MP3 players. The reduced socket size makes it possible for 1-module or 2-module.


USB Module reduced size makes it ideal for touch panels, it can deliver an electric current of 2.1 A at 5V DC. This makes it possible to recharge even the most powerful devices – like a 10″ tablet, for example – in less than 6 hours, making it especially suitable for hotels, Living rooms and bedrooms, where devices frequently need overnight recharging.
On top of this, since the current provided is outstandingly stable, the USB ports ensure safe recharging and correct functioning of devices during the recharging process. All thanks to the fact that these ports benefit from Elevated quality standards.
Like all other products, the new USB ports offer optimal functionality together with superb aesthetic performance. Thanks to their versatile colouring options Black and White, they can be perfectly integrated with other touch panels, offering a perfect balance between simplicity and elegant detailing.
• 5V 2,1A USB power supply
• ABS Plastic
• White and Black Colour