This remote controller is a new type combined universal remote controller with LCD remotely, learning function, and powerful built-in code base. Through simple setting, it can control display many kinds of infrared controlled household electrical appliances, such as TV/TXT, DVD, CD, VCR, SAT/CABLE, and A/C (air conditioner), etc. There are many function: learning function, permanent memory function, macroinstruction function, key transferring function, clock function, alarm clock function, key buzzer function, backlight function, volume sharing function, weak battery hint function, and restoring original factory setting function, etc. It is easy operating and practical. It is an ideal choice of a combined remote controller for many kinds of household electrical appliances and the replacement of those lost and damaged.

• Ideal solution for loss or broken remotes
• Able to control more than 1000 home appliances of different brands. Swift settings. Clear and simple.
• You can control the following eight home appliances: television, VCR,DVD, SAT, CBL and DVB-T
• Use a combination of functions and macro functions in a simple manner(Menu and teletext…)
• Flexible learning functions. You can copy other remote control functions at your ease
• A powerful built-in code repository, which is applicable upon home appliances of tens of thousands of models under various brands that are manufactured in different countries in different years
• LCD(with backlighting) function, able to display various operating modes
• Control by Multiple menus function
• “Intellectual Macroinstruction” Key (information displaying at regular intervals)
• “Memory When Power Cut function”
• “Key Transfer” function, “Volume Sharing” function
• “Time Clock and Alarm Clock” functions

Package Include
• 1 x 6in1 Universal Remote Controller
• 1 x Operating Instruction booklet